Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden update

It's been awhile- again.   Lots of changes in the garden now that the weather has warmed and the tomatoes have set.    I've added a Bearss Lime to the lineup and will try growing it in a pot this time.  The citrus I've grown in the past never gave me any fruit  and I think it had something to do with overwatering.  Well, let's try it in a pot and see what happens.  I planted it in a cactus mix, which seems to drain better and keep the roots drier.  Maybe that's the trick?

I upped the time on my drip system to 90 minutes at three days a week.  Seems to have made a huge difference now that summer has finally arrived.  The tomatoes all look great and I have begun harvesting the SunGold. Should be a couple of weeks before the big ones are ready.    The peppers are running a little behind, but I think was from the watering issue.  They look much happier in the last week.  Zucchini looks strong and the cucumbers are putting on some growth.

Lime tree

Looking like a jungle

Early Wonder tomatoes

Mortgage Lifter and Brandy Boy

Brandy Boy tomatoes

Blue Lake bush beans
I  took the twins up to June Lake  during my vacation and we had a blast.

The Fishermen
June Lake


  1. Your citrus tree looks great! My little one was only 4" tall when it came. Love your tomato jungle, mine are taking their sweet time this year.

    Congratulations to the fishermen, that's a pretty good catch they have there!

  2. Thanks Granny! The kids had great time, but guess who had to clean that crop :) So far so good with the citrus - keepin my fingers crossed. Everything at your place looks great, tomatoes in no time!

  3. Your jungle looks great!! Nothing better then a tomato jungle!

    What a beautiful lake and two fine looking boys! They definitely look happy with all the fish they caught!

  4. Thanks Robin, they get their good looks from mom :) I'm excited about the tomatoes this year and hopefully I can keep the rats at bay! Your plots look amazing, I would love to have that kind of space.