Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reigning Romas

So this morning while I was perusing through the garden with my morning cup of coffee, it struck me how very well everything seems to be doing.  Granted, I've picked and tortured the occasional tomato hornworm, but I really can't complain.  Pest damage has been minimal and the plants are taking full advantage.

I planted two Roma varieties and they are lit with tomatoes.   There's nothing like whipping up a last-minute, fresh tomato-basil sauce to go with your pasta of the day. Very quick and very light.

The peppers are finally coming into form and I'm looking forward to tasting the Anaheims.   That's a new variety for me, so I'll have to consult  the cookbooks to see what else I can use them in besides burgers and chili.  Any suggestions?

The poblanos look great.

"Chili Relleno"
I let one of the oregano plants go to flower and I tried to photograph some bees  while they were working away.  When I transferred the photo to the computer, I noticed another garden helper that I unwittingly captured in the frame.  Do you see him? 

My version of "Where's Waldo?"


  1. Well, I THINK I see a little black and white dog at the left center of the photo!

    Your Romas look great. I bought my daughter a four-pack of them last spring, her first attempt at gardening. I think she's beating me in production, even though I have three times as many plants!

  2. Hi Granny, sorry, no dog. Check out the center area. You might have to magnify. Those Romas produce like nobody's business!

  3. I still don't see it Vic, but you are now the owner of a black Cocker Spaniel, with white muzzle and a white spot on it's chest. Tell me you don't see that dog in your garden ;-)

  4. I see that dog now! That's pretty good, I think the Bigfoot hunters could use your powers of observation. The helper is actually a praying mantis. :)

  5. Aha, I see it now. Just down and to the right of the bee. It's funny about the dog. I swear I can even see nostrils in that nose, to the right of the white on the muzzle, LOL!

  6. I can't tell you how many times I've reached into a plant and only at the last second seen one of those suckers! they are hard to see, even if you are looking, but I guess that's the idea. Great haul on the Romas. Love that salad idea too.