Monday, August 2, 2010


The hard work is finally paying off.  Those large peppers are "Carmen" and we're looking forward to some sausages and peppers later in the week.  It never ceases to amaze me how the small seeds in my dining room in February transform into a jungle in my yard and the resultant bounty.

Speaking of peppers, take a look at "Chile Relleno".  I've never grown this variety before and if the peppers taste as good as they look, they'll be a permanent staple in the allotment.

What ever became of those slacker tomatoes I lamented over last month?  Well, here is one of them, "Zapotec Pleated".  I originally planted two, but sent one to the cornfield after it sprawled across half the garden with nothing on it.  I'm glad I kept the remaining plant as it is finally giving up the goods.  Neat looking tomato.

It's raining eggplant.

That is the sun reflected in the SunSugars.  They might as well be called jelly beans.

I learned something new this year relating to potted plants.  If you line the pot with ordinary newspaper before adding the potting mix, the roots will be afforded some relief from the hot California sun.  This is one of the "Lipstick" pepper plants and I have never had a potted vegetable look as good as this one.

Looks like a heart to me.  This is "Paul Robeson," destined for a Caprese Salad on Wednesday.

I wanted to show the real thing, but I've been told that would have been in bad taste.  Apparently there was only one rat, and he was probably a forward scout.  His lungs no longer carry the message of what awaits over the block wall and through the wooden gate in Farmer Vic's plot.   There will be others. I will remain vigilant.


  1. Everything is looking great! I have never heard of Zapotec Pleated tomato. Let us know how it tastes. Happy to hear about that critter :)

  2. I read a little too fast and thought you said sausage peppers, instead of sausage and peppers. Hmm, sausage peppers, sounds good to me! All your tomatoes look so interesting and hope they taste as good as they look. I like the raining eggplant picture, too.

    Thanks for the info about lining the pots with newspaper, I will have to try that with my next potted plants. And that rat picture? It made me laugh so hard!

  3. It's funny how he sort of looked like the rat in the picture. I'll put the sausage and peppers recipe up.

  4. hi there,

    I'm glad you chose the comic! Your bounty is wonderful. I'd love that relleno for dinner.

  5. Thanks Wendy, I'm gonna make the relleno for dinner tomorrow. I'll put up some pics of how it turned out.