Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life is a bowl of Cherries (tomatoes)

Who says life isn't a bowl of cherries?   I got hundreds of Sungolds off of my one plant, and it's still going strong.


I finally harvested that lone behemoth of a cabbage today.  It came in officially at a whopping 8 pounds!  It'll turn up in cornbeef and cabbage later on tonight.

Zapotec Pleated

The first of the Zapotec Pleated tomatoes came in as well.   Oddly shaped, but they taste great and have a very mild flavor.

Here is the rest of what I harvested today.  The Paul Robeson is still doing well, but last week's heat wave have taken a toll on all of the plants for sure.  Things look like they are starting to wind down.



  1. stuff looks great! Corned beef and cabbage!!!!! Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the look of that zapotec pleated tomato! I really need to grow some heirloom tomatoes next year, I'm so jealous/envious, Vic! What kind are those dark purple looking tomatoes in your last picture?

  3. Thanks Minji, heirlooms really are the way to go - nothing tastes better, but be prepared for much lower yields. The dark purple ones in the last picture are the Paul Robesons. They're considered a black tomato and rival Brandywine for flavor. I'll be growing them again next year.