Saturday, September 4, 2010

Freaks and BLTs

I don't live anywhere near a nuclear plant, which nullifies any reasonable explanation as to why there always seems to be at least one showing of garden freaks every year.  So here they are in all their mutant splendor:

The eggplant looks like a tulip.  The tomatoes look like hearts, and the zucchini in the middle looks like a, umm, uh,,,,a microphone!

Here's a shot of a trio of heirlooms, very tasty this summer.

I've found that a nice-sized Zapotec is the perfect fit and taste for the BLT sandwiches.  I know I was down on this variety earlier in the year because the plants were HUGE and there was no fruit.  Too bad I failed to notice it was a "late-season" variety and ripped the other plant out.  It pays to read the label!

I yanked out the two eggplants.  The production was great, but I wasn't a fan of the thinner, Japanese-style. They seem to have more skin than actual flesh, and they just weren't worth the effort.  I'll go back to the larger Italian Black Beauty.

1 comment:

  1. have a tulip and two hearts next to the microphone...what are you trying to say ???? :)

    That Zapotec tomato is very interesting and beautiful. How is the flavor?

    Sorry to hear that you don't like the Japanese style eggplant. We really like them fried with a little parm cheese and a glass of wine. I also plant Black Beauty and Rosa Bianca