Monday, May 24, 2010


They grow up so fast, don't they?  Here is the difference a month makes as the tomato plants begin to mature. I'm watering for 60 minutes at a time, twice a week.  This watering business is killin' me because while the tomato and cucumbers like this schedule, the pepper plants seemed to be having a problem  because the ground is still saturated.  The cool, wet weather has also complicated things and I think maybe I'll increase to 75 minutes once a week until things heat up.  The adage holds that you water intensely, infrequently.  By watering this way, the roots of the plants are forced deeper into the soil to get to the better nutrients.  I've never had the patience to practice that rule in the past - when the soil surface looked dry, I watered.   I've never been completely satisfied with that method, so we'll try it by the book.

                             Blossoms on the Paul Robeson tomato


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