Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks Don!

I'd like to send out a word of thanks to Don Shor, host of "The Davis Garden Show" radio program for helping out with answers to some of my gardening questions, and for mentioning and posting a link to this blog for all the gardening world to see.  For anyone who would like to know more about vegetable gardening, or gardening in general, you can download the podcasts for the Davis Garden Show, as well as another great podcast, "Get Growing with Farmer Fred".   These folks put out great information and their podcasts help me get through my 48 mile one-way commute to work.

I'm trying to work out the "comments" problems that I'm experiencing on the blog - some have told me that they have tried to post a comment, but the blog wouldn't take it.  Until I figure it out, try posting as "anonymous" and see if that works.  Any feedback is welcomed.

On to the garden, I know you have been worried sick over those pepper plants I posted a couple of weeks ago.  The plants look a little better, but I'm hoping that some warmer weather will set them on the right path.  If the new growth comes out wrinkled and distorted after it warms up, then I'll know for sure that it's some form of virus and the plants will have to go.  Remember the "strung out felons" quip from an earlier post?  Well I guess you can say the plants are on probation.

The first actual tomato has formed, and it's on the - you guessed it - Early Wonder.    Blossoms are on the others, so let's hope they form en masse and there will be tomatoes by July.  I came across a couple of articles on "upside down" container growing  and was thinking about experimenting with one to see if there is any difference, or if it's just a gimmick.  I have a Celebrity seedling in reserve, so maybe I'll give that one a shot.

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  1. Another nice post. Nice links, I checked them out. I've been on a pico de gallo kick, hope the peppers work out, they were great last year, did some poppers