Saturday, June 12, 2010

First harvest

Funny how the last thing to go in is the first to produce.  Usually I get the zucchinis off early in March but for some reason, I overlooked them during the seed start.  I direct-seeded a few plants in late April and here we are.  Four plants are going strong and we'll soon have zooks coming out of our keenies.

In the spirit of report cards (the kids did great by the way,) here's the progress reports for the tomatoes so far:  All of the plants look great and are growing vigorously.  Tomatoes have formed on the SunSugar, Early Wonder, La Roma and the Paul Robeson.  The Zapotec Pleated, Amish Paste, and Virgina Sweets have flowers, but the blossoms are dropping and nothing has formed.  I'm wondering if they're waiting for the heat.  The Rutgers in the Earthbox has formed a few tomatoes, but the one in the main garden has not. It's interesting how this plant is behaving like an heirloom rather than the hybrid it is.

On the side of the house, I planted three of the leftover plants, Amish Paste, Paul Robeson and Virginia Sweets.  I call this section the neglected plot because it doesn't have the fancy drip system, or eight years of  built up organic material in the soil.  The sun shines on that side of the house for maybe 5 hours.  Anyway,  there are 6 tomatoes on the Paul Robeson and 3 on the Amish Paste.  Go figure.   Tomatoes do not like to be babied - there's your proof.

I added the second application of fertilizer to everything that has set fruit and gave them a nice soak.  Now that the weather is warming, I've upped the drip to 90 minutes every few days. 

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