Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruit forming

They're behind schedule, but at least they're here.   Given the crazy cool weather we've had down here in SoCal, I'm thrilled to see the fruit beginning to form on some of the plants.

Early Wonder tomato

Lipstick pepper



I received an early Father's Day present today:  One of those upside down hanging planters.  So I planted it with one of my Celebrity tomato plants in the Whitney Farms organic potting soil, and fertilized it with the FoxFarms tomato food.  Now I've got tomatoes in the ground, in the Earthbox, and one acrobat in the Turvy-thing.  Let's see if it's all a gimmick, or if it really works.   I've come across quite a few blogs out there with folks growing the plants in all sorts of upside down containers, and I must admit, it looks promising.   One immediate drawback:  When I watered it this evening, it dripped all over the patio for quite some time.  While it provided a shower of amusement for my Lab, I'll have to find another place for it.  I'm thinking of hanging off of one of the Queen palms.

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