Saturday, June 19, 2010

Leaders and Laggards

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and I can already taste the hot links.  While some of the plants are starting to load up, I don't think we'll see any ripe tomatoes for the Fourth.  I have a couple of laggards in the plot that seem content to soak up the sun and nutrients, but won't give up the fruit. 

Oh, they'll take the healthcare plan and other benefits, but just won't do the work. The culprits are the Zapotec and Virginia Sweets, both heirloom varieties.  The plants look great, but they won't hold their blossoms and the ones that remain dry up with nothing to show.   So far, I've resisted the temptation to relocate them to the compost heap and replace them with a couple of stalwart Celebrity plants I have in reserve.  I have a total of 3 Virginia's: one in the main plot, one in the Earthbox and one in the neglected plot.  The Earthbox plant has a scant ONE.  This is nothing new, heirlooms produce MUCH less than the hybrids, so let's hope that they're late season developers.  If not, we can't have this, off with their heads!  

C'mon Vic, aren't you being a little too hard on them?  

Hey,  I got kids to feed, rats to please, and neighbors to have fruit forced upon.  I need production people.  This isn't Club Med. These plants need to realize that.....wait.  I'm over the line.  Maybe they just need some nice words of encouragement, and a trophy for coming in third.

Speaking of the Earthbox, the Rutgers is finally producing so at least one of those plants is earning their keep.

The Early Wonder and La Roma  are both doing well.

       The eggplant is flush with flowers and it shouldn't be long before the fruit sets.  I switched from the larger Black Beauty variety to a smaller, compact plant which doesn't take up as much room.


  1. Your garden looks pretty happy to me! It looks like you may have tomatoes for the Fourth. Keep on Gardening!

  2. Wow,wow, seems you're rushing things on them heirlooms. You can't dictate, you can't order them....just pull them panties from the crack of your ass and hang on a second. Given some time.........

  3. Aw Vic, maybe you should try some positive reinforcement! "Yes Virginia, that's a good girl. Wow, look, you produced FOUR WHOLE new leaves in the last week! Way to go!!" :)

  4. Bro - why stop at handing out "third place" trophies? I think that EVERYONE in the garden should get a "participant" know, to help their self esteem. And keep up those tough expectations, put out or get out!