Friday, April 2, 2010

Sowing the Seeds

I began this year's crop on February 27, 2010. In the past, I have always used peat pots found in the Jiffy starting kit, but decided to try the Park Seed Biodome system given to me by Grandpa Frank last summer. It's basically a styrofoam block filled with individual plugs of a sponge material which floats on water. This system is designed to train the roots straight down, and there is no worry of overwatering as the seedlings wick only what they need. Plus, since the roots do not weave into the styrofoam, the risk of damaging the plant is greatly reduced when it comes time to pot them up.

I drop 2 seeds per cell to improve the germination rate. With the lid on and the vents closed, I place the Biodome on a seed germination heating pad and wait for the miracle to happen. The heat pad speeds up the germination process by a few days, and the lid helps create a nice humid environment.

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