Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Starting Lineup

And then there were ten.   Perhaps my least favorite of the spring planting tasks, the day has finally arrived when I must choose which of the tomato plants will have made it on the varsity team, and which will be gifted to a few lucky family members and friends.   Tomato plants need lots of space, and due to my small backyard allotment, this year I am going to reduce the number of plants to ten, instead of the traditional sixteen.  Let's see if there is a marked improvement in the total yield department.  I've been guilty in the past of cramming too many plants together in such a small space, the resultant "hedgerow" was an impressive sight no doubt, but definitely had a negative impact on the overall performance of the crop.  The plants need space for air circulation and ample sunlight.

So here they are:   (2) Zapotec Pink Ribbed
                              (1) LaRoma II  hybrid
                              (1) SunSugar FT Hybrid
                              (1) Paul Robeson
                              (1) Early Wonder
                              (2) Rutgers VFA
                              (2) Virginia Sweets

Which of the plants will grow up to be doctors or lawyers and which will end up strung-out felons?  Who's to say and only time will tell.  Hope springs eternal, but I am ever mindful of the fact that no matter what I do, or how hard I try, Mother Nature always bats last.

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